Thanks to innovative simulation systems, our customers can virtually reproduce their entire manufacturing environment. Each production process is graphically represented by us precisely. Even data from CAD systems that contain complete robot stations are no hurdle for us; they can be imported directly.

Planning of complex production facilities

We can also precisely examine and simulate the interfaces between the automated system, the operator and co-worker as well as the necessary logistics. In addition, the simulation of the production cell – from the required space conditions to the finished robot programmes – completes the overall planning. Together with our customers, we develop new production lines in a wide variety of areas in this way.

Simultaneous engineering

We have additional control modules of the common robot manufacturers, which enables us to carry out exact cycle analyses. With the feasibility analysis together with our design, we can provide detailed information on the implementation of an automated production.

Together with our customers, we develop new production lines in a wide variety of areas. More flexible production and increased productivity is possible thanks to the use of digital technologies.

Consistent basis for development

To ensure consistency between the systems, we have professionalised our interfaces to our CAD systems Catia and Inventor over the years and also work with various conversion options. 

In this way, we benefit from the consistent use of CAE data once it has been created and ensure that development is carried out on the same basis in all systems. This allows us to simulate numerous processing stations, workers and buffers to represent process steps and the environment. 

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